5 Questions to Ask a Napa Limo Tour Provider

To say that going on a Napa limo tour is an exciting experience would be an understatement. Not only is the destination full of fun activities, but the trip itself proves to be full of joy due to the comfort and luxury that a limo offers to its riders.Napa Limo Tour

But not all Napa limo stories end with mighty grins. In some cases, a few people run into less than ideal experiences, which mostly result out of dealing with bad tour companies.

In order to make sure that you don’t end up such a route that makes the whole idea of visiting Napa a grueling experience, remember to ask your Napa limo wine tour provider the following questions.


What Models are Available in Your Fleet?

This question would ensure that you are not paying premium prices for a car that is a few years old. Sometimes, Napa wine trip tour providers continue charging sky high fees for older model cars just because the riders are not asking any questions.

Knowing the information could also allow you to choose a car model according to what you can afford. This helps you maintain the perfect balance between luxury and functionality.

How Qualified are Your Drivers?

No matter how latest the selected model of your rented limo is, it is not going to be any good if your driver isn’t experienced enough to drive it properly or provide an experience as a trained tour guide and chauffeur.

Keeping this in mind, make sure that you ask about the qualifications of the drivers. Apart from ensuring an interactive trip, it also allows for a smooth ride. An experienced driver can take you from point A to point B in a timely manner amidst the growing traffic of limo wine tours Napa offers to its tourists. Having an experienced driver also makes sure the safety of yourself and your traveling party.

What Destinations Do You Cover?

The term Napa CA tours holds many interpretations. In addition to Napa Valley, many associate the term with Sonoma wine tour providers as well. Given this context, it is important that you ask the tour company what exactly do they offer in terms of a Napa Valley wine tasting tour.

Inquiring about this detail will let you know exactly what destinations you are set out to explore. This way, you could manage your expectations accordingly.


Do Your Charges Include Only the Transportation?

While many “tour” companies advertise themselves as such, they only charge for transportation services and riders often have to shell out more money themselves to pay for the famous limo tours of Napa Valley which chauffeur services and winery visits.

By asking his question, you ensure that you are not only provided with a car but with tours that are designed to please a vast array of wine connoisseurs. It would also provide you with knowledgeable staff who would be able to tell you about each winery you visit. They would also offer their own recommendations according to what you want to explore.


Do You Offer Any Bespoke Napa Limo Tour?

Here, you can also explore options regarding the many private wine tours Napa Valley has to offer. While these Napa Valley trips are a bit steeper on fees, they provide you with one of a kind, bespoke experience that join-in tours cannot.

Make sure to ask about this information and decide whether spending a little extra on a private Napa limo tour would be worth it. Sometimes, tour companies go out of their way to provide discounts on their private Napa wine tours, which means that you can use such offers if you reach out to them at the right time.


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