A guide to understanding 5 axis CNC machining.

http://www.cutterinnovations.comThere are a lot of companies around the world that rely on 5 axis CNC machining. Before getting into why that’s the case, it’s first important to have an understanding of exactly what 5 axis CNC machining is. Let’s first go over exactly what CNC machining is. Put simply, CNC machining is a type of machining where a person inputs the specifications of the item they’re creating into a computer and then the computer uses that information to create the product. This takes out human error and ensures that the item being created is made exactly as it was intended to. In other words, it’s the exact size and width it was supposed to be. This type of machining is most common in industries where companies are creating a single product made up of hundreds, if not thousands, of small metal pieces. Each metal piece must be exact, and in order for that to happen, a computer is needed.

Now that you know what CNC machining is, let’s talk about 5 axis CNC machining. When you hear someone talking about 5 axis machining, they’re referring to a type of machining where the equipment doing the cutting and forming of the product is able to move on five different axes. This essentially means that the machine is able to move in any direction and come at the object it’s creating from anywhere. This allows for incredibly precise cuts and also allows the machine to create three-dimensional objects.

5 axis CNC machining allows for incredibly precise machining, which is necessary in all sorts of industries. There’s only one other type of machining that allows for this level of precision, and that’s what’s known as wire EDM. Wire EDM is a type of machining where the machine doing the cutting does so by using electrically-charged wires. These wires are incredibly thin, and that makes it possible for the machine to cut incredibly small portions off of the piece with each pass. Think of how finely you could form an apple if you were just taking a wire-thin piece out of it each time you passed through. Wire EDM, like 5 axis CNC machining, allows for the creation of incredibly precise metal parts, and that’s essential for loads of different industries.

Now that you have a better understanding of what this type of precision machining is, it should be clear to you why so many companies rely on it. There are loads of companies around the world that create products and equipment with small metal pieces in them. The product or equipment can’t work properly without all of those little metal pieces functioning exactly as they were designed to do, and in order for them to do that they have to be manufactured in just the right way. This is where precision machining companies like Cutter Innovations come in. With machining techniques like 5 axis CNC machining, they’re able to create the exact metal pieces that these companies rely on. They create metal pieces for airplanes, cars, space shuttles, and the like, and without their expertise, it simply wouldn’t be possible for companies to manufacture these types of equipment.