Benefits of Window Shades in Commercial Buildings

High-quality window shades are an excellent choice for any commercial building. The reasons are many: they provide increased energy efficiency, cleanability, durability as well as heat, glare and UV control as well as many other benefits. Window shades come in a variety of sizes, colors, styles and materials. You should have no problem finding the perfect match for your needs window treatmentsbased on the wide variety of options available to you. Each commercial space has different needs for window shades depending on the industry. Here are a few common industries and why window shades are an essential addition to them.


Retail stores can greatly benefit from the addition of blinds to their windows. As a retail store owner, you want your products to look their absolute best while sitting on the shelves or hanging on the rack. That is why being able to control the ambient light entering into your space is so essential in order to be able to create the perfect setting for your patrons. Other benefits of window shades in a retail store include glare control for workers and customers as well as protect merchandise from the harmful effects of UV rays, keeping your products looking their best, longer.  


Restaurants with windows leading to the outside would be absolutely foolish to forego installing window blinds and here is why. Have you ever considered sitting at a booth by a window and trying to enjoy your meal while the sun is shining directly into your face? Window blinds make customers comfortable. They also reduce energy costs by helping to regulate the temperature of the building. There is an aesthetic draw to having window shades in a restaurant as well, as they really can help complete the overall look of the interior space.


School and Universities greatly benefit from window shades. Children can be easily distracted by an unexpected event taking place outside of the classroom windows. Being able to draw a window shade to block the view of the outside disturbance can help get a lesson back on track. Glare control is also a great benefit as well as the fact that they are both durable and cleanable. Safety measures are built-in including fire retardancy.


Hospitals and healthcare window treatments have safety standards built-in, including fire retardancy, child safety, and being anti-microbial, which helps keep the environment sterile and safe. Translucent shades are available and they provide privacy and allow some outside ambient light indoors to bring some daylight into the room. Privacy is also important in a hospital, which is why being able to draw a blackout blind is so important for making patients feel safe and comfortable while in an oftentimes vulnerable position.


Office buildings and conference rooms and window shades are an excellent combination. The window shades help provide work setting glare control. They can provide audio-visual blackout and there are some dual shades available with solar screens. Keeping energy costs low is essential for any office. Luckily, high-performance solar shades save energy by helping to regulate the temperature inside of the building.