Cannabis Pain Relief vs Ancient Pain-Relieving Alternatives

If you were to jump into a time machine and travel all throughout the ages of mankind, what would you discover about humanity? Once common feature amongst humans throughout the years that has always been there since the beginning is mankind’s relationship with physical pain. People have had to deal with both long-term and short-term effects of physical pain as soon as mankind took its first, upright steps. Throughout the years, mankind has resorted to many different treatments for aches and pains. Here are some ways that would seem a bit strange or unorthodox today. Would you try any of these old remedies?


Lemon balm was a popular choice during the Middle Ages. Many people liked to use lemon balm because they thought it could ease the pain from their menstrual cramping. Around the Middle Ages, herbal treatments were all the rage in general. Lemon balm was extremely popular, especially amongst women who had periods and had suffered from their periods. Lemon balm was a favorite choice not only for women in the Middle Ages, but lemon balm was also popular amongst everyone who wanted to ease tension in their bodies. In the Middle Ages, doctors would actually recommend lemon balm to their patients in order to soothe problems with sleeping, muscle spasms as well as agitation. There have been recent studies on lemon balm that have gone on to find that lemon balm might have had an impact on the people of the Middle Ages because it may cause a depressive or sedative effect of the central nervous system of the human body.


In the southern United States, there are two ‘sister herbs’ that have been used for many years to deal with aches and pains amongst human beings. Black haw and Black cohosh are the names of the herbs. These herbs were popular amongst women especially, as they basically act as natural muscle relaxants, which is handy when dealing with menstrual cramping. Another benefit of these herbs is that they act to lower the rate of uterine spasms and will also work to lower the overall feeling of pain in the body. Before the twenty-first century, Black haw and Black cohosh were local to pretty much just the southern United States before it snuck overseas and scientific studies began to cover its effects in the UK, which made it popular there and it spread in popularity in the UK.


One of the most far-fetched pain remedies that humans used to utilize happened in Medieval Europe. One of the most common medical bits of advice of the time involved having the patient find a toad, then burn it in a pot and then take the ashes of the toad and put them into a pouch. The patient was then instructed to strap on the pouch to whatever part of their body that is troubling them with pain. The logic at the time was that toad had the power to flush impurities out of your body which would then alleviate pain.


More recent advances in cannabis pain relief have made it a popular modern way for humans to deal with pain. Evolve Formulas have developed a transdermal pain relief serum to help get rid of pains throughout the body. This Nanosphere delivery system comes in two different options for consumers. The first is their Transdermal NanoSerum THC. According to Evolve Formulas, Transdermal NanoSerum THC is “a potent cannabis transdermal serum using nanotechnology for superior delivery, absorption and bioavailability. Soothing and relaxing, it is perfect for use on chronic pain, inflammation, muscle aches, soreness, headaches and anxiety or stress.”


The other NanoSerum that Evolve Formulas has recently had to offer is the Transdermal NanoSerum CBD with Resveratrol. According to Evolve Formulas, Transdermal NanoSerum CBD with Resveratrol is “a potent cannabis transdermal serum using nanotechnology for better delivery, absorption and bioavailability. Powerful and non habit-forming therapy using CBD in an optimal 10:1 ratio for maximum therapeutic benefit. This effective combination has been shown to be useful in a wide spectrum of ailments from anxiety to cancer. Our thoughtful formulation also features resveratrol for its rejuvenating, protective and anti-oxidant effects.”