Here are the top five things to know about eating edibles

If you are considering eating edibles for the first time, then there are several things to know about this delicious snack that packs an added punch! Edibles have been booming as recreational cannabis has been on the rise. With the growing popularity of edibles, there are now more and more different types to try as well as different doses. But first, before you begin chowing down on these THC treats, there are some things to learn about them first. Listed here are the top five things to know about eating edibles: edibles

  1. Start out really, really small! You don’t want to eat too much your first time. This will ruin your buzz and cause you to become debilitated on your couch or bed. You may never want to try them again! With anything, especially edibles,you will want to start out super small and then work your way up if you so desire to eat more over time. You can carefully follow the directions on the box or you can talk with your budtender about this before you start eating them.
  2. Be patient! It is really important to stay patient after eating your first dose. Don’t start taking more! You will want to give it anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to kick in meaning that you want to wait for the effects to hit you before popping another one. Things to consider as well are whether or not you have an empty stomach and what you have had to drink all day.
  3. You will get ‘high’. Edibles can be described more as a body buzz, but don’t downplay the effects of this. They take longer than smoking a joint to feel the effects and they last much, much longer as well. In fact, the effects can last for up to 12 hours.
  4. You can choose which type you want to take. You can choose to take edibles that are metabolized in your liver, such as cookies or brownies, which will take longer to kick in but will also last longer. If you choose to eat a lollipop or gummy, then these effects hit through your saliva, meaning that they hit you faster but may not be as strong or last as long.
  5. Don’t drink alcohol. As you are likely choosing the edibles that metabolize in your liver, drinking alcohol can be too much for the entire deal. You will want to drink plenty of water and ensure that you are eating and that you have more food in your stomach then more gummies!

As you can see, there are many great things to learn about edibles before you try them. There are also many great things to discover while on edibles as you can choose to find some that will make you relax or you can find some that will energize you!

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