Here’s How Ignoring an Improper Gutter Installation May Cost You

Imagine this, you are sitting on your lovely deck, having some lemonade and reading The Future of the Mind by Michio Kaku. It is a scintillating read and you are enraptured by the book. You only planned on reading the book for one hour for that day but you can’t stop, so you keep turning the pages and learning more about what could be, about the future of something that matters significantly: the mind.

roofing repair

You read a variety of facts and are entranced by the book, you aren’t paying attention to your surroundings, why should you? Everything seems to be fine.


Then all of sudden, the ground beneath gives way. You are certainly broken out of your trance because nothing is more captivating than the ground giving way. Your adrenaline might spike a bit and you may have a bit more blood coursing through your veins.

When you finally become aware and cognizant of what is happening, you realize that the beautiful deck you have been sitting on has given way. It all happened so fast, you now wonder why this took place and why now?

Now your Michio Kaku book is damaged, your reading experience has been disrupted, but that is the least of your concerns right now. You take a quick assessment of the damages and find that your deck is completely in shambles, with parts of your gutter lying next to it.

You snap out of your shock and start taking action, you move away from your deck and start calling contractors. You want to get to the bottom of this and find out what happened. After quickly going through different sites such as NextDoor, Angie’s List and other places, you find a good and reliable contractor.

The contractor just so happens to be V&V Roofing, a contractor specializing in roofing repair and gutter repair that can help in other regards as well. A representative speaks to you over the phone and says that they can be out to your home within a couple of hours. This swiftness on the part of the contractor is quite pleasing, you are in need of help and you will be able to receive it rather quickly.

A V&V roofing representative takes an assessment of the damage, they look around the house and inspect the issues. After some time with the inspection, the representative lets you know something that surprises you.

You are surprised because the V&V roofing representative tells you something that you never really thought about before, gutters.

Because the damage was caused by a bad gutter installation done by the homebuilder.

You let the contractor know that you will be in touch within the following days to proceed further.


The Aftermath of the Report of the Bad Gutter Installation

There is nothing left to do but move forward with gutter repair and the ensuing damage to the deck and other areas that have not necessarily been realized yet. This experience was startling but it showed you one important lesson, it is important to conduct checks of the different parts of your property.

You might not be aware of the different issues with your property, but you have to be on top of these things if you don’t want to be blindsided by more random expenses and experiences of this nature.

The gutter and the roof and are important aspects of your property and is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the aspects of your home.

Therefore, conduct periodic preventive measures to make sure that you have had proper gutter installation and proper roofing repair to prevent unexpected experiences and expenses.