How Custom Window Treatments Can Help You With Home Staging

Home staging, the elusive art of making a house more appealing to prospective buyers.

custom window treatments

You may already be familiar with it if you have ever experienced selling a residential property, or have bought one in the past where it was shown to you with state-of-the-art fixtures and aesthetically pleasing furnishings.


These strategically placed objects and well-executed décor often acts as the deciding factor for a buyer, who could end up paying a higher price for a home after seeing what inhabiting it might look like for them instead of having to imagine doing the same with drab walls and bare flooring.

Since custom window treatments play a big part in enhancing the overall décor of a place, it is no wonder that they also have a major role in home staging.

Here’s how window treatments such as custom window shutters, drapes and blinds could help enhance the value of your house.

Window Shutters Could Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Window shutters have the ability to bring out the best in a house. If they are installed as exterior shutters, then they could greatly enhance your property’s curb appeal by making it look more attractive and charming than the other houses on the block. On the other hand, if they are installed from the inside, then their unique design could add to the fixtures that you already have inside the house.


Custom Window Drapes Could Add Value to Your Interiors

Similar to window shutters, custom window drapes could also work towards adding some value to your property. Just by the act of dressing your windows in the right kind of draperies and curtain choices, you could turn a room from housing a scattered set of furnishings to being a harmonious abode for its current décor. Window drapes are not that expensive, yet add quite a bit of character to any home or room.


Motorized Blinds Could Bring Automation to Potential Buyers’ Notice

If you are trying to appeal to potential buyers with a modern approach, then installing specialized, custom window blinds that are also motorized could help you achieve that feat. With a variety of choices in material and design, you can easily find the kind of blinds that would fit in with the rest of your décor choices while also letting your potential buyers know that your home is ready for the future.


Use Window Shades to Showcase the Sunlight

Custom window shades are one of the most cost-effective ways to dress a window, which is why they actually have quite an effect on potential buyers when they showcase your kitchen windows or your living room windows that open in your front yard and let the sun in, while also providing an effective way to let you maintain your privacy when you need it.


Contact a Reliable Provider During Home Staging to Help You with Custom Window Treatments

If you already have a well-decorated home, then you may not need to hire an additional professional to help you with home staging. However, in order to ensure that your window treatments are up to date, contact a reliable custom window treatments specialist such as Shades on Wheels, who could help you redress your windows where needed while also providing you with design advice.

By ensuring that you pay ample attention to the window treatments in your house, you could easily enhance its appeal to potential buyers.