How to Choose the Best Aerospace Machine Shop

Cutter InnovationsDo you need to find an aerospace machine shop to make parts for your business? Finding the perfect one can be tricky, especially because aerospace parts often need to be made perfect if they are to do their jobs and not cause problems. Finding a shop that has the expertise and experience to get your parts right the first time can be challenging, especially if you haven’t done it before.

You can always start by searching online for machinists in your area who might be able to do exactly what you want to have done. You can, of course, order your parts from an aerospace machine shop that is not local, and many businesses like yours do just that. However, having your aerospace machine shop local would make that part of the process so much easier.

You may not want to go with any shop you find online, though. Instead, once you have the names of some shops, look for reviews of them online. Many people leave comments about what a machine shop was like to work with, how fast they were, and how good of work they did on third-party websites like Google. You may not want to trust everything you read on these sites, though, since some reviewers only choose to speak up when they are unhappy. Similarly, you can look for reviews on the shop’s own website, but you should note that they are likely to only publish positive ones.

When you have narrowed your list down, talk to other people you know who use an aerospace machine shop for their work. Ask them who they would use if they needed parts like the ones you need. This can be a great chance to network with other people whose businesses are similar to yours, too. Getting to know them and helping each other out can be a great way to make contacts and build connections.

Schedule a meeting with people from the top aerospace machine shops on your list. Talk to them about how they would tackle their project, their experience with similar projects, their timeline for finishing your project and more. You may also want to talk to them about their process, quality control, and anything else you’re worried about. This meeting is your chance to get all of your questions answered and to get a feel for what it might be like to work for that particular company. If you don’t enjoy the meeting, the working relationship may be difficult, too.

Get quotes from each aerospace machine shop that tops your list, then choose between them. Ask specifically what each quote includes, so you know if there are any differences between the shops as far as what they offer.

At Cutter Innovations, we would be happy to give you a quote for any aerospace machine shop need that you have. We’ll talk you through what our process is for a project like yours, too, so you know exactly what to expect if you choose us. We would love to hear from you soon!