Is Residential Solar Installation Right For You?

SunTalk SolarAre you considering a residential solar installation on your home? Many Denver residents are putting these panels on their homes and finding that they save money. However, residential solar installation is not right for every person and every house. Here are some of the top benefits of solar panels. If you think that these would help you and your family out, maybe it’s time to talk to someone about solar panel today.

Make people install residential solar panels in order to reduce or eliminate their energy bills. Denver has quite a bit of sun! In fact, we have more Sun than most of the country! This means that, on most days, your solar panels should be able to power your house with a net zero energy consumption. On warm days, if your panels generate more power than you need, you can trade that with your utility companies. Then, on hot days or cold ones, when you’re running your heater in your air conditioner, you can draw power from the grid for free.

A residential solar installation can be good even if you do live somewhere cloudy. As long as you get more than two hours of sunlight a day, solar panels can be in your financial best interest. In fact, solar panels will actually draw energy through the clouds, too. On these days, your panels will often produce 10 to 20% of the power that you generate on sunny days.

When you have a residential solar installation, you can start saving money the very first day. While you will have to pay to install your solar panels, the fact that they will start saving you money so quickly means that they will pay for themselves faster. And you won’t just save on energy costs! Your home they also become more valuable because of your solar installation. In fact, many homeowners see a five to six thousand dollar rise in retail value per kilowatt of their installation. You will also save money on your roof when you install solar panels. They protect the roof because it is not quite as exposed to the elements. They also make the house more energy efficient in the summer because cool air will not be continuously escaping through the roof.

A residential solar installation can also help you earn tax credits and rebates. They’re different credits and rebates available based on the type of solar panels you install, the amount of them that you install, and your location. However, you should look at the local, state, and federal levels to see which of these you would qualify for many people find that their solar panels actually end up paying them relatively quickly.
At SunTalk Solar, we would be happy to talk to you about installing solar panels on your home. We can even run a study to show you approximately how much solar panels could help you out. Give us a call today and will send an expert to your home soon. Then you can make an informed decision about whether solar panels are right for you.