Make It Sooner Than Later: Why You Should Take Your Child to a Family Dentist Early

Did you know that you should have your child go through an oral exam early on?

How early, you ask?

How about at 6 months of age?

That is correct. You should take your child to go see a family dentist at 6 months of age to check and see that everything is fine. Family dental professionals will recommend you to do so because they want to make sure that your child and their oral health is properly maintained from their very first year of life.pediatric dentist

The earliest visit to a pediatric dentist will help the child’s oral health greatly and help prevent any future issues. It would help you know what needs to be done from that young point of age, especially for dental issues that are specific to that phase of life.


Why Go to a Family Dentist That Early?

Parents may wonder why they should pay attention from such a young age.

The answer is simple, the earlier you start, the better it is for your child.

Think about it. If you prepare and watch over the dental hygiene of your child from a young age, you will be able to make certain that everything is progressing along as it should be, and as such, you will not be surprised due to some random occurrence.

All that you need to do is to stay alert and keep watch on a regular basis, and you should be fine when it comes to your child’s dental health.

Here is what will happen when a family dentist conducts their initial tests on your precious child.


The Family Dental Professional Will Perform an Overall Oral Health Exam

The family dentist should start the process with a simple screening exam. This screening exam will be one that occurs over the course of multiple visits to check on the progress of the oral health of your child.

The pediatric dentist will conduct a thorough exam on the young patient by inspecting their gums, looking at the present formation of teeth, and making certain that the current formation looks healthy overall.

They will also look for potential signs of injury as they conduct their inspection. They will do an overall inspection into the hard and soft tissues that are present within the oral area. They will also take a look at the root and on the teeth as well. Damage in the teeth could indicate some sort of abuse or some other issues that will need to be taken care of in a swift manner.

Your Pediatric Dentist will Talk on Overall Oral Care

As the child grows older, their pediatric dentist will want to look more closely at dental hygiene practices, such as the proper use of toothpaste.

For instance, they would want to make sure that fluoride toothpaste is being utilized right from the very start of the formation of the teeth. They would want to ensure that you are placing a small amount of fluoride to clean the different teeth that are forming as the child progresses from 6 months to 3 years of age. Be very careful in using just a small amount of fluoride, since excess fluoride use in children may lead to fluorosis.

Practices such as the aforementioned routine will help your child maintain their dental health in an optimal manner.