Pest Control Basics: How You Can Prevent Pests From Invading Your Home

Whether you live in the city, or out in the country, there’s a good chance you have dealt with some kind of pest. From ants to rats, most people have encountered a pest at least once in their life, and many people have also run into the dreaded infestation problems. It’s a simple rule: if it gets too bad, you end up calling pest exterminators. However, since no one wants to spend the extra money to get rid of this problem, most resort to using at-home techniques first.

But these at-home techniques never assure you that those pests will be completely gone. Even if they are, they come back more often than not. Therefore, it’s good to know how you can prevent these creatures from getting into your home in the first place so that you only have to call pest control services in the most extreme of cases.


A Few Techniques to Employ Pest Control Through Prevention

First, pests just love to hide out in dark and cluttered spaces, as this gives them all of the protection they need to hide and feel safe. This is when they start to breed, and eventually lead to an infestation that could cause you to call all sorts of pest control services, such as termite control specialists and bed bug exterminators.

By keeping your home as open and clean as possible, you will be able to reduce the amount of pests in those spaces and stop them from breeding. Commonly well-lit spots in your home are unlikely to have any creepy-crawly visitors, and while it is impossible to keep your whole home open without it being vulnerable to security lapses, getting rid of cluttered spots such as smelly cupboards will still help keep pests out. A lack of spots to hide tells pests that your home would not be as ideal for them, and they will eventually stop paying you any visits to check if you have changed your mind about pest control.

Pest Control

Pests are also a big fan of damp places, which can commonly be areas where wood is wet. This can be on your front or back porch due to rain, or this could be due to spots in your home that are vulnerable to flooding. Checking out the spaces underneath your sinks is very important to make sure that water is not leaking, and that the space underneath is still dry. In addition to this, checking the bathroom is always important. When we shower, you probably notice all the steam that fogs up the windows. If you don’t have an air vent in your bathroom that you can switch on and off, this room can stay damp for quite a while. Overtime, this could not only cause water damage but also attract some insects to boot.

Gutters are also another great hiding spot for some pests, since some people do not clean their gutters out as frequently as they should. Unclean gutters allow pests to find a safe haven in them, and they begin breeding in the area quickly. Thus, ensure to clean out your gutters frequently to keep those pests at bay.

Dumpsters or trash cans can also be a major breeding ground for maggots and ants. So make sure that when you take out the trash, nothing falls down into the bottom of the can, otherwise bugs will definitely become attracted to it.

In addition to this, keeping counter tops and your dishes clean is a big part of keeping your home free from pests and employ a pest control through prevention technique. You may not want to clean out the pot or pan you just used to cook dinner for your family that night, and maybe you’d like to wait until tomorrow, but remind yourself that it is not a good idea for your family’s health and well-being. Leaving a used pan, pot, or dishes with traces of food is just asking for pests to invade. Keep your place clean and don’t leave food or unclean dishes or counters out for those creatures to find.


Maintaining a Clean Home is Key to Pest Control

Not many people enjoy the process of cleaning and like to put it off, but keeping your home and area clean is a great way to prevent pests from becoming attracted to your home. Don’t put off cleaning those used dishes, and don’t wait to clean off your stove tops, because pests will come, and once they get into your home, they are very hard to get rid of! They key is to keep your home clean and leave no stone unturned. However, when you notice any signs of these creatures emerging, do not hesitate to call pest exterminators for the help you need.