Pick an auto body repair shop that sticks to the timeframe they give their customers.

http://www.autosportcollisionrepair.com/It’s never fun when you have to take your car to an auto body shop because it means you’ve either recently had an accident, someone hit your car while it was parked on the street, or your car took on significant damage from a severe weather event. In any of those instances, one of the most valuable things you own has been damaged and you have to take it to a shop to get it repaired. That means figuring out which shop to take it to, contacting your insurance to let them know and working with them to get the financial aspect sorted out, and figuring out what you’re going to do and how you’re going to get to work without your vehicle. It’s a huge headache, it costs a fair amount of money, and it’s stressful. Put simply, it’s no fun at all.

Something that can make it a whole lot less fun is when the auto body repair shop you take it to takes way longer to repair your car than they said they would. All across the country, car owners are told that their car will be repaired within the week only to find out three weeks down the road that the repairs haven’t even started. That means more time without your vehicle, which is never a good thing, especially if you rely on it to get to work or to pick your kids up from school.

For whatever reason, many of the auto body shops out there simply can’t get their work done quickly or within the timeframe that they tell their customers. Sometimes they get busy and they simply don’t have the people on staff to get all their work done, but that’s really not your problem. When a company tells you your car will be ready by a certain date and it’s not, that’s a major problem for you, and it’s something that simply shouldn’t happen. You should only work with auto body repair shops that stick to the timeframes that they give their customers, and if they aren’t able to do so, they should take a significant amount of money off of the cost of the repairs.

What you want to find is a company like AutoSport Collision Repair that always sticks to the timeframe they give their customers. They understand how important your vehicle is to your life, which is why when they tell you that your car is going to be ready by Friday, it’s ready by Friday. They don’t care if that means that they have to stay late to get the work done. If they promised the car to you by a certain date, then that’s what they’re going to do. This is the type of company you want to work with. You’d much rather work with a company that was honest about how long the repairs would take than a company that says they can do it in three days even though they know they can’t. Pick a company that gives you a realistic timeline and then sticks to it.