The Important of Serving Moscow Mules in Copper Mugs

When you put into mind the different popular cocktails that people drink around the world every year, you will find that the drink and the glass that it is served in always come in a pair and can never be separated. A great cocktail is one that contains a nice balance of alcohols along with mixers that have been shaken to the right amount and have been poured into the right kind of glass. Low-ball glasses are the prime choice for drinking whiskey whilst class long stems with wide brims is where you would always have to drink a martini from. Margaritas best come in large glasses that would tower over small serving bowls.

Personalized Copper Mugs

copper mug

Now when it comes to drinking a nice Moscow Mule, how else would you want to be drinking it from if not from a nice copper mug? All of the drinks that we have gone through above are notable for their strong flavors, tempting aromas, and pleasure to the eyes which really gets our senses going. The point we are also making is that the drinks will always rely on the glass it is served in to showcase its story and its personality. So then, we go back a step, how important is it to use copper mugs when one is drinking a nice Moscow Mule?

First, let’s get into one of the most important things when it comes to enjoying any kind of drink, the temperature. You find quality martinis that are shaven over ice and are served in those long glasses because the glass creates a more quality experience for the one who is going to drink the martini. In the case of the Moscow mule, the use of copper mugs in serving them results in an enhanced experience due to the fact that the copper is great at maintaining the coldness of the drink. Let’s go over a few facts to further strengthen our claim:

  • Copper mugs have been used for centuries when people want to enjoy cold drinks due to the structure of the mug isolating the cold temperature of the drink from the heat of the drinker’s hands.
  • As soon as the Moscow mule hits the bottom of the copper mug, the mug itself cools down immediately.
  • Copper is great at insulating temperature so whether you are drinking a Moscow mule by a heater on a cold day or outside on a hot day, you are sure that the coolness of the drink will be maintained.
  • Copper mug rims cool down fast so every time you take a sip, your lips will be met with a chilly sensation.

Apart from the temperature, the use of the copper mug for drinking of Moscow mules also has something to do with the taste of the drink. Experts suggest that when the vodka from the drink touches the copper of the mug, there is going to be some slight oxidation. This results in a boost of the drink’s flavor and aroma. There will also be some bubbling which makes for a fizzy experience.