Tips for effective and easy window cleaning

cleaningWashing windows does not have to be a tedious endeavor! If you want to clean your windows in the easiest and most effective manner, you should ensure that you have all the right equipment and follow a proven cleaning technique. You want to wash your windows perfectly the first time you try so you don’t have to keep repeating the work.

Here are our tips for effective and easy window cleaning:

Starting out

It is important to choose a dry and cloudy day to wash your windows. Cleaning on hot days is tedious as your cleaner will dry off in the scorching sun before you can wipe it down, which will leave streaks that are hard to remove. If you must clean on a sunny day, start on the shady side of the house.

Remove dust and dirt

Before you embark on cleaning the windows, you should sweep dust and dirt from the frame of the window using a vacuum or a brush. Cleaning windows without wiping off dust and dirt will create a muddy mess when the cleaner is sprayed. If you are dealing with a grimy window screen, consider popping it out and cleaning it with a soft brush and sudsy hot water. Rinse the screen, let it dry off, and pop it back.

Blinds and shades can be dusted down using a microfiber duster on both sides. You can also open the slats and clean them individually starting with a damp cloth and finishing off with a dry cloth.

Picking the right materials and equipment

You will require a plastic bucket, scrubber, squeegee with 10 and 12-inch blades, a sprayer, small towels or lint-free rags, and a cleaner such as a washing up liquid. You should ensure that your squeegee is fitted with a new rubber blade that is sharp and does not leave streaks.

Start by spraying your windows generously, especially if they are extra dirty. Use as much cleaner mixed with water as is possible to suspend and dissolve dirt so that it can be entirely wiped off. Avoid skimping to prevent streaking. Spraying your windows ensures that the mist sticks to your window and there is little runoff that could create a mess and increase your work.

Use a squeegee

Start by dipping the scrubber in your cleaning solution inside a bucket and squeezing out excess water. Scrub the window by angling your scrubber to ensure that you clean all areas including the edges. Move the squeegee horizontally starting at the top. You can also move it vertically ensuring that you move the water towards the uncleaned part of your window. Using a squeegee is recommended for commercial window cleaning as it is faster.

Ensure that you wipe down your squeegee after cleaning a strip to remove excess water and dirt. Move your squeegee in strips ensuring that you overlap them by 2 inches. Wipe down the squeegee and repeat the process.

Use microfiber cloths

Use reusable microfiber cloths that are washable and super absorbent to wipe excess water off the perimeter and bottom of the window pane. You can also use paper towels if you are cleaning just a few surfaces.

Repeat the entire process on the inside of your window.