What You Should Know About Post Op Rehab

After a person undergoes surgery they will most likely need to begin some sort of post op rehab. Post op rehab is a rehabilitation program that helps the patient regain their muscle strength and also helps with strengthening joint motion. Post op rehab is a very long and sometimes stressful process but it helps post op rehabilitationtremendously with the healing process and recovery after a surgery. Depending on the program, it can sometimes take up to a year to complete. This can be very frustrating to many patients, but it is very important for the patient to know and understand this so that they stay focused and committed to getting back to normal.


There are a few different stages in the post op rehab program. The first stage is right after the surgery is completed. During this stage, the patient is essentially stationary. This is because the body needs some time to heal itself and recover from the major surgery it just endured. Eventually, the pain will dwindle a bit and the swelling will diminish. The next stage is when you will start your post op rehab program. At first, you will just talk with your doctors about a program they think is best for you and what exercises they think will get you back to normal as soon as possible. They will also go over what the next steps will be and what to expect from that. This post op rehab stage is what will help you regain range of motion and overall strengthen the body. The final stage is the patient returning to their normal life. Everything done in the post op rehab program leads up to this, the goal is to get the patient back to living their life similar to how they lived it before surgery.


Most doctors would recommend a patient complete a post op rehab program because there are many benefits to it. Some of the benefits include the body healing better and a quicker recovery compared to those who do not complete a rehab program. Rehabilitation helps make sure the body is healing in the correct way, for example, making sure the muscles work properly by retraining them. Also, it has been scientifically proven that the body heals faster after a major surgery if the patient attends some sort of rehabilitation program following surgery. Another benefit a patient will notice if they complete post op rehab is that they will gain back their mobility. Post op rehab can help people learn to walk again and in some cases people can even run again. Another benefit to completing post op rehab is the education the patient will obtain. They will learn all about their care and what is best for them which in turn helps them heal faster.


There are a lot of benefits for patients who complete a post op rehab program. It will be a very difficult and sometimes frustrating process but the reward will be great in the end. If you have any questions contact your doctor today.